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Our local locksmith shop is located at the address below:

22412 Gratiot Ave #102
Eastpointe, MI 48043


Here at Car Locksmith East Pointe MI we take care of your locksmith services needed and we save you money too.

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Call us day or night as we're open 24 hours every day. 

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Situations are known to sneak up on us, your day can be going one way, and the next thing you know you have to take a completely different path than you initially thought. Everyone’s life is full of surprises, you will run into old friends when you least expect it, and you will meet new friends in places you could have never imagined. 

With all the amazing surprises you will encounter in your life, there is one that you never want to have to deal with, especially when you are having a good day. A locksmith emergency. Very few people think about locksmith services until they are in absolute dire need of them. 

Do not let this happen to you. Whenever you find yourself in East Pointe, count on us to be your emergency 24 hour locksmith service. For years, residents have been counting on us to provide the most professional and satisfactory service in the industry.

Anytime that you are in need of a locksmith can be stressful,but with a friendly local locksmith service at your disposal, any stressful situation can be relieved in no time. A locksmith local to you can be the difference between waiting hours for a service vs having the peace of mind knowing that you will taken care of in any situation. 

If you are in need of a locksmith local to the East Point area, we can provide with a locksmith for cars, emergency 24 hour locksmith services, residential locksmith services, and much much more. Our highly trained locksmiths can handle any situation you can come up with, yes even that one.

We have providing the area with friendly, fast, and quality local locksmith services for years now, and have become known for having the best price in town. We offer a myriad of packages for all types of customers. 

Whether you have need of a locksmith for cars to come and replace all the locks on your automobile, or you are needing to get an emergency 24 hour locksmith over to your local mall to get you back in your car and back on the road. 

We pride ourselves on featuring the best market prices, the most professional and high quality locksmiths, and the best customer service in the industry. Call us anytime at 586-244-8437 to discuss all of our various packages that are available to you. We want to help you when you need help the most! And you'll be glad you called us.